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 Pleasantly disturbed vintage and vinyl.

Keineig! Pleasantly disturbed vintage and vinyl.

Unique vintage pieces and vinyl in downtown Leuven....
Maybe you'll sniff the atmosphere of our interior here and there....

Jens is our neighbor from Leuven. Thanks to his Italian connections (he is married to an Italian), we found our Sicilian renovation crew, who lived in our construction site for over a year during the renovation.

Jens is not only pleasantly disturbed, so is his store, which makes it our favorite and definitely not to be missed when visiting Leuven. Always in the mood for good music and a chat about the latest hidden treasure in the attic.

Recognizable passion in Leuven, that can't be a coincidence!

Diestsestraat 135, 3000 Leuven.

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Published 28-02-2022 / Copyright © La cure