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Working on expansion.

Working on expansion.

Did you know that you can come with even more people in the future?

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"La d├ępendance" or the annex La casa Antonio was named after the Italian grandfather of our construction crew. He built the terrace at the front with a lot of powerful muscles out of the local Gobertange stone (old local quarry). Some of the stones we bought, some were recovered from the sides of the windows in the rear facade that we extended down to the floor to connect the living room with the garden.

Since Gobertange is difficult to find nowadays, and the rear facade was in bad shape, we opted for a sleek natural stucco finish there as opposed to elsewhere in the building. As a result, we could reclaim some 'white' stones to remove a garage door in the front facade and create the terrace and surrounding walls.

This annex has its own kitchen, living room, bathroom and two bedrooms and can be used together with the main house or separately, thanks to a passageway.

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Published 12-03-2022 / Copyright © La cure