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Agenda June 17, 2022!!! Brocante flea market, that's what we live for

Agenda June 17, 2022!!! Brocante flea market, that's what we live for

We ourselves often get compliments on our furniture. “But you should know that we rarely go to a store to buy new things!”

Although we are not freaks, we can't stand waste on any level, and if you like sustainable, you learn to be careful and orderly with what you have. We have been trying to do that for years, we were doomed to it as a young couple when we bought, renovated and furnished our old Flemish house in the center of Leuven more than 20 years ago. 

It was already there from an early age… An advantage of living in Leuven. Not every city had a known furniture auction where they couldn't refuse you from the age of 18… It was so much nicer to be able to wear a nice second hand dress and have a cool vintage chair, instead of a new expensive dress in which you couldn't sit comfortably.

This microbe never went away. So in 2008 Pamela started her second-hand children's store and Bruno turned this renovation into an ecological expertise and applied it. You learn by doing and where there is a will there is a way...that is certainly a life motto in our house!

Pamela's second-hand initiative came to an abrupt end due to a sudden medical diagnosis... A difficult time followed, but a new goal was set. A combination of sustainable renovation and second-hand interior led to this project. 

The location of our 'cure' here seems no coincidence, since every year in May the ASBL "Vivre a Noduwez" organizes a flea market on the church square and its surrounding streets. It attracts a lot of people and there is always a pleasant and friendly atmosphere. We have already participated as stand holders and we have bought a lot of things. Browsing in the sun while the men drink a beer on the square and the children play in a bouncy castle….

On July 17, 2022, the bric-a-brac will be back! Be sure to visit Noduwez that day, or rather that weekend, because, as you can hear, the village will put on its party clothes for the first time on Saturday, May 7…
Don't miss it!

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