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Pizzeria Inn Orp. 
 Sicilian takeout pizza in traditional oven.

Pizzeria Inn Orp. Sicilian takeout pizza in traditional oven.

Our Italian favorite in the village!

We are blessed with this address in the center of Orp-Le-Grand (8') where you get a free drink with every pizza and always a super friendly welcome!  You imagine yourself to be in Italy here.

Give in advance a call when you want to pick up and agree on what time to pick up. The distance is perfect, so you can be sure to arrive with fresh and warm pizzas and enjoy them immediately. Just for these pizzas, our son likes to come to Noduwez. 

You can also choose a delicious salad or pasta. For dessert, we absolutely recommend the homemade tiramisu. The portions per person are more than amply provided. 

In the summer it is sometimes a little crowded because everyone knows that it is delicious! You can also eat in this mini-restaurant where the walls are plaster with all the prices for the best pizza chef both in Belgium and Italie. Pizzas's prepared in the traditional way sometimes takes a bit of patience, but it's more than worth it!

Checkout the huge choice on their site.

Rue de la Station 39, 1350 Orp-Jauche.

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Published 28-02-2022 / Copyright © La cure