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New life for 'La Cure'.

New life for 'La Cure'.

We acquired the building at the end of 2017. It was the former home of "le cure" or "Mister Pastor". He was forced to move because the living conditions in the building were no longer hygienic.

We converted it completely ecologically, with great efforts to preserve all authentic materials. Maybe you can still smell the hemp or see the clay bursting at the seams. We also replaced the planks in the attic with poplar wood planks from orphan trees. The original tiled floors were also cleaned up as and recovered, much as possible, just like all the windows were sanded and repainted. With a lot of patience and love, we were able to preserve the doors by sandblasting them for the most part and carefully fitting them with the right door fittings from the second-hand market. 

We provided the interior finishes and furnishings with modern comforts complemented by carefully selected vintage elements. Vintage, second-hand, flea markets, antiques… interior design is after all the 2nd nature of owner Pamela who, thanks to the technical and ecological brain of husband Bruno, came to the realization of this dream project, after a sudden long-term illness in 2015. 

This house has a soul, we put ours in it too, and that's what it's all about. Even the adolescent children Luka and Abel contributed their building stone during this intensive renovation. You could almost call it a family project! Poops Nest Gilberto the Spanish Galgo dog mostly lay there and watched. 

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Published 12-03-2022 / Copyright © La cure