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Local neighborhood beer!

Local neighborhood beer!

Ambras is the result of a midlife crisis of a village neighbor.  

For Flemish people, the word 'Ambras' means quarrel. This Flemish word comes from the French word 'Embarras', which means difficulty or annoyance. A Fleming pronounces the word 'Ambras' as 'Ambrasse', which a French speaker interprets as hugging, from 'Embrasse' while the Dutch speaker means the opposite of what the French speaker understands. This name is a playful way of showing that Flemings and Walloons sometimes interpret things differently, but that they are all Belgians and, regardless of any political debate, prove that they can live together perfectly. 

Good tasters will discover the nod to the Flemish white beer and the Walloon Saison beer.  Santé!

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Published 02-03-2022 / Copyright © La cure